Who we are?

Emergy® is a Nordic company, the forerunner in developing and training Emotional Agency at work.

We provide a powerful, research-backed and practical approach for learning emotional skills at work. This is our core.

We are specialised in helping our clients to understand human emotions in the workplace and building successful emotional climates that improve well-being and make your business thrive.

The quality of our trainings is ensured via active academic co-operation and scientific research.

Hard facts won’t make your company thrive. Emotions will.

Emergy's Team

Jarkko Rantanen

Master Trainer, Partner, MSc (Psyc)

Jarkko is a highly appreciated trainer and management team facilitator with decades of experience in emotion skills. He has helped hundreds of companies to create flourishing emotional climates and has trained thousands of professionals. Jarkko has published two books about workplace emotions and is constantly bringing in pragmatic insight from the latest research in the field of emotions at work.


+358 50 528 4808

Ira Leppänen

Master Trainer, Partner, MSc (Econ), Executive Coach

Ira is a highly skilled organizational developer with strong experience in carrying out successful change management programs. She believes the success lays in understanding the key drivers of the people behind their professional roles. She utilizes her extensive background in leadership, management consulting and change management when helping clients develop their emotional skills and thriving workplace emotional climates.


+358 40 720 0365

Hilkka-Maija Katajisto

Master Trainer, Partner, MSc (Econ)

Hilkka-Maija is an experienced leadership and team developer. Before her career as an independent coach she has worked in international HR director positions. Her experience as a member of multinational management teams serves as basis for appreciating the challenges and realities of creating and sustaining successful operations. In her mind “bottom line” business focus and individual wellbeing are to co-exist.

Henna Kapulainen

Emergy Coordinator

Henna is a true multi-skilled professional and organizing wizard who can juggle many balls at once.

A people’s person who keeps her smile even under the pressure.

Emmi Degerholm

    Emmi Degerholm

    Emergy Advisor, MA

    Emmi on toiminut henkilöstöhallinnossa erilaisissa tehtävissä niin Suomessa kuin ulkomaillakin lähes parinkymmenen vuoden ajan. Hän on lukuisten koulutusten ja kokemusten avulla perehtynyt siihen, mitä tarkoittaa olla ihminen töissä eli mitä ammatillisen roolin lisäksi ihmiset ovat ja miten tätä kautta voidaan edistää hyvinvointia ja menestystä organisaatioissa. 

      Heikki Kankaanpää

      Emergy Advisor, MSc (Econ), BSc (Tech).

      Pitkän uran johtajana, esimiehenä ja konsulttina tehnyt Heikki on kokenut työyhteisöjen kehittäjä ja johdon valmentaja. Heikki on omassa työssään konkreettisesti todennut työpaikan tunneilmaston ratkaisevat vaikutukset suorituskykyyn. Heikki auttaa organisaatioita tunneilmaston johtamisessa varmalla otteellaan, yhdistäen faktat ja käytännön.

        Elinä Ämmälä

        Emergy Advisor, Master of Social Sciences

        Elina is a leadership and corporate communications professional who believes that the key to success, both for individuals and organizations, lies in encountering people in an appreciative way. Elina has a solid track record of leading challenging change initiatives and a passion for developing leadership and providing people with means for change.

        Miia Paakkanen

          Miia Paakkanen

          Emergy advisor

          Erica Michelsson

          Researcher, Developer, MSc (Psyc)

          Erica is an analytical and creative person. She is an open-minded and quick-witted person who is not afraid to take on new challenges. She has a strong drive to develop and innovate, which is why she participates in the development of new products and services here at Workplace Nordic.

          Erica has worked in several research groups in the field of psychology, and she has taught university-level statistical sciences in preliminary courses for future psychologists. Erica specializes in psychological and neurocognitive assessment methods and in psychometrics.

          Tomi Hakala

          Systems specialist

          Tomi seeks novelty and opposes resistance to change. He solves problems openly and methodically. In his work, Tomi adapts quickly to changing situations, and he always has his eye on the next challenge.

          Tomi has worked as a managerial coach and business developer and in several system integration projects.

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