We are Emergy

Listen. Feel. Act with good intention.

We are Emergy®. We train your work community to recognize and understand emotions as well as to communicate effectively. 

We help solve challenging interactions and boost company performance and agility. We specialize in developing, researching and training emotional skills in working life.

The result? Increased productivity, significant improvement in employee well-being and commitment, as well as rising customer satisfaction. Better mood brings higher drive and profitability.

Emergy’s strength lies in our diverse team. Among us are experts in psychology and leadership, with decades of combined experience in training individuals and organizations.

Our scientifically proven and internationally awarded workplace trainings are available in both English and Finnish, with satisfied customers spanning over 32 countries.


Jarkko Rantanen

Jarkko Rantanen

Founding Partner,
Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Psyc)

Jarkko is a psychologist specialized in developing interpersonal skills, an author, and an a well-regarded trainer. Jarkko has worked persistently in the field of emotional intelligence in the workplace and has written several books on emotions in the workplace.

Ira Leppänen

Ira Leppänen

Managing Partner,
Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Econ)

Ira is an experienced developer of work cultures and leadership skills, an inspiring keynote speaker, and a well-regarded trainer. Ira has extensive experience in leadership and leading change. Her mission is to improve work-life for individuals and organizations by seamlessly integrating well-being and high performance.

Ellariina Rautio

Ellariina Rautio

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Phil)

Ellariina is an expert in communication and emotional skills trainer. Ellariina has a broad range of communication and teaching abilities, as well as a strong passion for developing interpersonal skills within work communities. Her strength lies in creating inclusive and trustworthy atmospheres.

Tuuli Viranta

Tuuli Viranta

Emotional skills trainer

Tuuli has over 20 years of experience in leadership, well-being and emotional climate development in organizations. She is a highly regarded coach whose holistic approach creatively combines the theories and practices of business, work psychology and psychotherapy.

Tiimi Henna yksin

Henna Kapulainen


Henna is exceptionally versatile, excelling as an organizational wizard who effortlessly juggles multiple tasks. Her ability to maintain composure and a positive attitude under pressure ensures smooth operations and client satisfaction.

Tiimi Tomi yksin

Tomi Hakala

Information systems specialist

Tomi manages our technical operations, overseeing various IT tasks with precision. His open and systematic problem-solving approach ensures smooth operations in dynamic environments, while his enthusiasm drives him to tackle new challenges head-on.

Tiimi Erica yksin

Erica Michelsson

Researcher and product developer

Erica’s analytical and creative abilities, coupled with her open-minded approach, drive innovation in product and service development. With a background in psychology research groups and teaching university-level statistics, she brings expertise in psychological and neurocognitive assessment methods, as well as a deep understanding of psychometrics, to our team.

Tiimi Victoria yksin

Victoria Gora

Marketing and content creation

Victoria is an expressive and extroverted team member with a passion for efficiency. Holding a BSc Double Major in Biology and Psychology from Canada, she brings a diverse skill set to our team. Specializing in marketing, content creation, and business development, Victoria is always eager to learn new skills and tackle challenges with a positive attitude.

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