Building our emotional climate together

Peter Bruhn, CEO at Boligsiden Denmark, participated in Emergy® ‘Building emotional climate together’ training in the beginning of 2021. Boligsiden is Denmark’s top website for real estate. “The pandemic has affected us, like many others, in different ways” Peter says. “We felt that we wanted to have a training that would bring our people together and help us stay committed” he continues. The training is one of Emergy’s trainings designed for organizations and it focuses on giving tools and skills how to manage the emotional climate by understanding and handling the emotions at work.

“Everyone was so excited about this training”

“I was aware that the topic and the training itself could be a little bit more challenging for some of my team” Peter recounts. “But to my surprise, everyone was very excited. Many people have said that it was so useful to do this kind of training instead of the regular management training we have all done so many of” he continues.

“The training gave me great practical tools to use in my work”

Peter feels that the training really lived up to his expectations and he found it very interesting. “I have been able to use the tools and skills that I learned in the training at work” Peter says. “I have, for example, used the seven psychological needs as a basis for my development dialogues. So far, the results are so promising and now our dialogues with the team are honest and open” he continues. Peter adds that thanks to the training he has seen some of the team being able to get rid of their frustration as the training gave them the right tools and channels for this.

“It has been great to see the team using the practical tools they learned in the training” Peter tells. “We are now incorporating everything we learned into practice to make sure that we keep going and continue the progress” he continues. “We really are building our emotional climate together and we are looking forward to continuing the training with Emergy in the autumn” he concludes.


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