Develop your organization and increase productivity with higher drive

Listen. Feel. Act with good intention.

We train your work community to recognize and understand emotions and communicate better. Research confirms that this improves working atmosphere, motivation and commitment, enabling you to increase productivity.

Engage and challenge - implement the strategy with a positive spirit.

We prepare your work community for change and towards a shared vision - by involving, engaging and motivating.

Implement changes smoothly.

We train your work community to recognize and deal with the emotions in change. We help leaders lead the change with a people-centred approach.

We train your work community to be the competitive edge that yields results.

We help your organization in reaching their fullest potential and for people to find fulfillment in their work. A positive work environment serves as a competitive advantage, boosting productivity, results, and customer satisfaction.

By developing your organization:

You will benefit from our concrete tools for change and crisis management.

Employees will be motivated and committed to your organization.

You will gain measurable results and increase profitability.

Better mood brings higher drive and profits.

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Ira and Jarkko

Emotional skills trainers

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Meet your trainers

Jarkko Rantanen

Jarkko Rantanen

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Psyc)

Jarkko is a psychologist specialized in developing interpersonal skills, an author, and an a well-regarded trainer. Jarkko has worked persistently in the field of emotional intelligence in the workplace and has written several books on emotions in the workplace.

Ira Leppänen

Ira Leppänen

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Econ)

Ira is an experienced developer of work cultures and leadership skills, an inspiring keynote speaker, and a well-regarded trainer. Ira has extensive experience in leadership and leading change. Her mission is to improve work-life for individuals and organizations by seamlessly integrating well-being and high performance.

Ellariina Rautio

Ellariina Rautio

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Phil)

Ellariina is an expert in communication and emotional skills trainer. Ellariina has a broad range of communication and teaching abilities, as well as a strong passion for developing interpersonal skills within work communities. Her strength lies in creating inclusive and trustworthy atmospheres.

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