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The Basics

Emotional intelligence the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence involves being aware of our emotions and regulating them, empathizing with others, and it’s important for personal and professional development.

Researchers from the best Universities in Finland together with the Emergy team got together and brought the concepts of agency and emotional intelligence together, creating a completely new and innovative concept: Emotional Agency.

Emotional Agency is the collective actions, practices, and processes that support the learning, development, and application of emotional skills in the workplace. Yes, individual learning and practicing is needed from you to build your personal emotional competence. But the true transformative power of emotional agency is only unleashed when we make it our collective learning and when we learn to understand the role of emotions in our everyday organizational practices together. This means that we include the emotional skills into everything that takes place in our workplace anyway.

Emotional intelligence is usually only assessed at the individual level, without regard to the group dynamic. Emotional agency is the awareness, understanding and consideration of emotions in activities, interactions and organizational practices. It is worth noting that emotional agency is a competence that CAN be developed – and as the term agency indicates, the whole core of it lies in active participation – learning and continuous development being the key elements of it.

The emotional climate of an organization refers to the overall emotional atmosphere or tone that is present in the workplace. It is the collective emotional experience that employees feel while working within an organization, including the emotional culture, norms, and behaviors that are exhibited by individuals and groups within the organization. The emotional climate can have a significant impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall performance, and it is often influenced by leadership and organizational policies and practices.

Importance & Impact

Absolutely not! While most companies focus on hard facts such as operating models, KPI’s and goal setting, the fact remains that even with the best systems in place, emotions still run people. While those hard facts are important, they won’t work without emotions

Developing leadership and emotional skills leads to a positive work environment, improved teamwork, and higher employee satisfaction. Just recently one of our clients with 250 employees was able to cut down their costs related to sick leaves by 33% in just 4 months, which in their case meant over 1 million USD savings. Read more what our customers are saying!

Even if an organization is doing well, it is important to continue working on emotional skills as the business environment is always changing, and employees who develop Emotional Agency are more likely to stay motivated and engaged. 

Emotional agency is a competence that can be developed in all employees. Emotional skills are important for all employees to develop – and as the term agency indicates, the whole core of it lies in active participation – learning and continuous development. Employees with strong emotional skills are more likely to stay motivated and engaged, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention. Overall, emotional skills contribute to building a positive organizational culture.

Program & Tools

The Emergy Emotional Agency Program® (EEAP) consists of 7 online training modules consisting of easy-to-read text sections + 27 training videos designed to give you the skills to develop Emotional Agency. There is a kick-off webinar and exercises in between the modules that are applicable to everyday life and support the learning. Guided peer sparring exercises between modules promote learning and enhance the use of the training tools and skills in everyday situations.

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® (EECA) is a comprehensive report that reveals elements affecting your team’s or organization’s emotional climate. The Audit is taken before and after completing the Emergy Emotional Agency™ Program.

After the audit is done for your team or organization, you will know:

  • What emotions are ruling your workplace at the moment.
  • How they impact everyone’s well-being, work engagement, psychological safety and the level of emotional agency.
  • What is the level of Emotional Agency at your team or organization.

When the audit is complete, we provide you with a practical guide on how to engage your team members in selecting and implementing the development initiatives into their daily practices.

Download a sample report here 

We measure the impact of our training programs with Emergy Emotional Climate Audit®. The principles of Emotional Agency are already used by hundreds of organizations and thousands of people, with truly amazing results.

The Emergy Emotional Agency Program® is built for organizations.

Pricing for our products varies based on the size of the organization and customizations to fit your organizations or teams needs! For more information on pricing, contact us.

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