“The leadership training program gave me tools to use both at work and outside of work”

The starting point for Emergy® leadership training program couldn’t have come at any better time for Juho Keitaanniemi, Field Engineer Manager at Hilti Finland. He had just recently started in his role as a team leader and Emergy program offered an excellent view on leadership and gave insight and practical tools that Juho is able to apply into his daily life straight away. 


“It didn’t matter I wasn’t very experienced as a leader before joining the training program, if anything it gave me excellent tools to apply in my daily interactions with my team and most importantly, it increased my awareness of myself and others around me”, Juho says. 


Initially Juho was a bit hesitant as he wasn’t sure if the program could offer something different than “all the other training programs out there”. Very quickly he realized that the program was built in a way that really engaged the participants and gave them tools that made sense and that were easy to apply. “The training was structured in a way that made me feel even more connected to my daily working life”, Juho explains.


“Psychological needs, ‘the 7 set’ as it was called, is an excellent way to describe and understand all of our psychological needs. There’s always something that lies behind everyone’s behavior. This 7 set also gave me ideas of how I can prepare myself for the bigger meetings and encounters at work. It’s like a mental checklist for myself, how the other party may feel and how their experience is at that moment.”


One of the other great things about the training program, according to Juho, is that it offered a wide range of different emotional skills tools from which everyone could choose the ones that would feel most suitable for them. “Emotional self-disclosure is something I have already started using. I like that by doing this, I am able to set the tone for the meeting beforehand and thus have a better chance at reaching the desired outcome”.


In his free time Juho acts as a Value Based Leadership facilitator for young 4th sector leaders. “The training gave me plenty of good ideas and tools that I am also able to bring to be part of the VBL and I love it, it’s very energizing”, he concludes.


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