“This training specifically for building our emotional climate has been a great success for us”

Birgit Daetz, the Director of Communications at Boligsiden Denmark, attended Emergy® training earlier this year with her colleagues. She had been thinking a great deal about the staff satisfaction and well-being, how to make them happier and how to create energy that would enable them to bring the staff all together and feel more united. 

We felt that we maybe weren’t getting the very best out of people and that there was so much potential we wanted to be able to use”, Birgit says.  “We also wanted to make our teams feel more committed and happier in their workplace”, she continues.  Birgit’s colleague Peter Bruhn, the CEO at Boligsiden, suggested this training ‘Building emotional climate together’ to Birgit and she didn’t hesitate. “I felt excited straight away”, Birgit remembers. The training is one of Emergy® trainings for organizations and it focuses on giving tools and skills on how to manage and lead the emotional climate by understanding and handling the emotions at work.

Ira Leppänen ja Jarkko Rantanen, Emergy Master Trainers  and partners, tailored this training to Boligsiden specifically and the main content of the training was taken from the real life situations and challenges at the company.


“One of the best parts of the training was to see people open up”


Although having a background in mathematics and economics, Birgit was very interested in the training and confident that it would be the right path for them. “The best part of the training for me was that everyone who participated was so honest,” Birgit says. “Our participants really spoke about how they felt and this opened up a lot of opportunities for new kinds of communication for us”. Birgit also noticed how some of the participants made a total turnaround in the beginning of the training. “I guess initially some of them felt like this is just another training to do, but quickly realized that it was much more than that”, explains Birgit. 

Birgit also says that Ira and Jarkko were excellent trainers. “I can’t believe they created the trust and rapport with our people so quickly and made us feel like we could be honest straight away”, Birgit recounts. 


“I am already using some of the practical tools learned in my working life”


Birgit has also noticed the change in their people. “One of the great outcomes of the training was that for some, the training also applied on a more personal level. They really started to realize how they are feeling  and how the pandemic has affected them, not just at work but also at home”, she says. Birgit also adds that she has already started using ‘the seven set’, a practical tool that explains the psychological needs, in the developmental dialogues with her team. “It has been great to see my team open up and be honest during these dialogues”, Birgit continues.

Birgit says that there is now a new kind of excitement at their work, and they are keen to keep going with all the learnt tools. “We certainly don’t want to lose the momentum, instead we want to continue on this road”, Birgit concludes.


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