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Better mood, higher drive

Emergy trains the work community to listen, feel, understand, and act with good intention.

Our training is recommended by our satisfied clients and is based on a scientifically proven and effective method. You will learn how to integrate emotional skills into your organization’s daily practices and achieve tangible and lasting results.

We train in Finnish and English. We already have satisfied customers in 32 countries.

Impactful emotional skills training

Changes on the horizon?
In this practical training, the work community learns to understand each other, to take emotions into account, and to act thoughtfully – empathetically, yet decisively.

Boost team dynamics

Is there friction amongst people in your team?
Our training enhances team dynamics and helps create a psychologically safe work atmosphere.

Inspirational speeches, passionate speakers

Is your work community in need of a boost? In their popular speeches, our passionate workplace trainers address building trust and cohesion, as well as developing culture through current perspectives.

Learn to manage yourself and your emotions

Are you suffering from stress and constant inadequacy? In this training, you’ll learn methods to recognize your own emotions and to deal with them constructively and efficiently. The focus of the training is on self-leadership, emotions related to work, sources of stress, and ways to deal with it.

Learn to deal with difficult situations

Has the atmosphere become closed off?
Our training provides practical tools to address challenging situations constructively, taking others’ emotions into account.

A skilled leader ensures the team stays in top form

Is there a lack of team spirit in the workplace?
Through the training, those in leadership roles learn to utilize emotional skills in leading themselves and others. A supportive, safe, and unified leadership culture is created within the work community.

Boost the leadership team dynamics

Do different personalities in your leadership team clash? Throughout our training, the leadership team learns to discuss even difficult topics honestly and constructively. The positive atmosphere within the leadership team is reflected throughout the entire organization.

Learn to work skillfully with yourself and others

Is collaboration not going smoothly? Do your colleagues not understand you? In our practical training, you’ll learn over 20 emotional skills to understand yourself and others, consider emotions, and act thoughtfully – empathetically yet decisively. By developing emotional skills, your well-being improves, and the sense of meaningfulness in work increases.

Meet your trainers

Jarkko Rantanen

Jarkko Rantanen

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Psyc)

Jarkko is a psychologist specialized in developing interpersonal skills, an author, and an a well-regarded trainer. Jarkko has worked persistently in the field of emotional intelligence in the workplace and has written several books on emotions in the workplace.

Ira Leppänen

Ira Leppänen

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Econ)

Ira is an experienced developer of work cultures and leadership skills, an inspiring keynote speaker, and a well-regarded trainer. Ira has extensive experience in leadership and leading change. Her mission is to improve work-life for individuals and organizations by seamlessly integrating well-being and high performance.

Ellariina Rautio

Ellariina Rautio

Emotional Skills Trainer, MSc (Phil)

Ellariina is an expert in communication and emotional skills trainer. Ellariina has a broad range of communication and teaching abilities, as well as a strong passion for developing interpersonal skills within work communities. Her strength lies in creating inclusive and trustworthy atmospheres.

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