Authentic Leadership -
Gestalt approach to
Leadership in organizations

Next program starting January 2024!

Free webinar 11th May @14.00-14.45 CET

We are organising a free webinar on 11th May @14.00-14.45 CET, join us to hear more about the training from the program trainers and facilitators themselves!

Make a difference.

Become an inspiring, impactful leader and professional and maximize your powers for truly transformative leadership.

This Authentic Leadership program is an insightful and intensive program for managers who want to become leaders, senior leaders, HR and OD professionals and coaches who want to grow as a human being, deepen their understanding of organisational dynamics, and to develop and improve their presence, performance and results. 

The program uses the transformative powers of Gestalt approach. Gestalt is a holistic, humanistic, and integrative approach that focuses on helping people and organisations to find their true essence and removing the blocks that prevent growth and performance. The goal is to know yourself fully and to become the leader you can truly be.

The program is especially designed as an in-depth professional development opportunity for busy executives and professionals. It takes place in 7 x 3 days intensive workshops in beautiful, relaxing locations close to Helsinki, Finland. The program lasts for one year and you can continue second year to get certified as Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations.

Authentic Leadership program compliments Emergy’s other training programs by deepening and strengthening the transformative powers of our work. With this program, you will dive deep into your core, understand your influence on people around you, get a grip of what is actually going on in your organisation, and take your leadership to a new level. This is a unique opportunity, never been organised in Finland before, so take action and reserve your place now!

With this Authentic Leadership program you will:

  1. deepen your understanding of yourself as a leader
  2. strenghten your presence and impact as a leader
  3. improve your ability to understand and diagnose problematic situations in your organisation
  4. learn new skills in dealing with organisational questions, challenges and problems
  5. boost your ability to have an authentic dialogue with your workers and colleagues
  6. increase your ability to initiate and facilitate change in your organisation
  7. learn new skills to deal with power issues, conflicts and resistance in your organisation
  8. become better in dealing with the diversity in your organisation and with cultural differences
  9. learn to understand the Gestalt approach for leadership

Being a manager is having a job,
Being a leader is growing as a human being.


We offer you a one (or two) year program that is based on the Gestalt philosophy and the present practice and theory of organisations. You can take one year and improve your leadership, or you can stay in the program for two years and become a certified and accredited Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations (GPO; see more at

Block 1

1. Awareness as the key to change

Block 2

2. Understanding the story of the organisation

Block 3

3. Authentic change

Block 4

4. Leadership as collaboration

Block 5

5. Understanding the culture

Block 6

6. Changes in power and conflicts

Block 7

7. Dealing with endings


1. Awareness as the key to change

1.-3. Feb 2024

Awareness on your own assumptions in combination with exploring process oriented ways of leading lead to a more conscious way of being presence and choosing methods. In this session we will focus on the gestalt theoretical view on organisations and change and specific on the gestalt concepts Awareness and Field theory. Further on we want to use this session as a model of learning related to creating a relation with your workers and teams.

Trainer: Frans Meulmeester

Goal: Basic principles of Gestalt approach to organisations.

Gestalt concepts:

  • Awareness
  • Gestalt diagnose
  • Field theory
  • Cycle of experience

2. Understanding the story of the organisation

11.-13. April 2024

Every organisation has its story. We expect from a leader, that he/she is able to hear and respect the story behind the present vision, mission, strategy, culture and behaviour within the organisation. What is the central element in the story and what hypothesis can come from that?
In this session the many dimensions or levels of stories will be explored and we will focus especially on the phenomenological attitude.

Trainer: Yannis Angelis

Goal: Listening and giving meaning to the story of the organisation

Gestalt concepts:

  • Phenomenological observation
  • Inclusion
  • Multi-dimensional realities

3. Authentic change

6.-8. June 2024

Change is a creative process, which needs to be facilitated. Trusting this
creative aspect of change can help us improve our skills to lead and support.
In this session we will explore the differences between development, change and transformation and we will reflect on practical experiences to increase the insight and skills in facilitating.

Trainer: Ioanna Rizou

Goal: Facilitating the creative process of change

Gestalt concepts:

  • Change
  • Paradoxical theory of change
  • The cycle of experience

4. Leadership as collaboration

5.-7. September 2024

Many people see leadership as a ‘one man show’. However, from our point of
view, we perceive leadership as a function of the field. A leader is a person who is able to inspire and stimulate dialogue among the people of the organisation.
In this session we will explore the attitude of dialogical leadership both in NGO’s as in a business environment.

Trainer: Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine

Goal: Developing the attitude of dialogical leadership

Gestalt concepts:

  • Leadership
  • Field theory
  • ‘I – thou – relationship’

5. Understanding the culture

14.- 16. November 2024

Organisations are part of a culture and each organisation has its own culture.
Being sensitive to the diversity and cultural aspects of the organisation.
In this session we use the method of organization-constellations to increase the awareness on the implicit dynamic and culture of organisations.

Trainer: Marten Bos

Goal: Getting in touch with the diversity and culture of the organisation


6. Changes in power and conflicts

 25 – 27. January 2025

When people work together, power is part of the situation. The
challenge for a leader is to deal with this phenomenon in a constructive was.
In this session we will explore possible phenomena of power and their distortions and especially increase the awareness on the strategies of power used by the participants.

Trainer: Frans Meulmeester

Goal: Working with the qualities and distortions of power and conflicts


7. Dealing with endings

3.-5. April 2025

Every relationship has a beginning and an end. Ending asks for just as much time as
beginning. Careful re-addressing or finishing up prevails lose ends, unfinished experiences and un-professional ongoing relationships.
In this session we will focus on finishing up in a mindful way.
We will also reflect on the outcomes of the intermezzo’s and finishing the training will be an essential part of this block as well.

Overview of total hours:

  • Seven three day seminars: 
  • 7 x 24 hours training = 168 hours
  • Monthly intervision in small local groups and/or larger online groups
    • 10 x 3 hours intervision =   30 hours

Total = 198 hours

Block 1 Working with different organizations

Goal: Being able to work with different kind of organisations, like family business, public sector, large companies etc.

Theme: Every organization has its own specific characteristics, dynamic and culture. A leader needs to be able to recognize these differences and being able to make the appropriate interventions. 

The organizations of the participants will serve as illustrative cases.

Block 2 Leading teams 

Goal: Being able to deal with group dynamics in teams

Theme: To be able to facilitate processes of change in task-oriented teams asks for knowledge of the specific characteristics and phenomena of a team. In this session we will explore possible phenomena in teams, working with group dynamic in task-oriented teams and offer possibilities to intervene in an effective way.

Block 3 Individual and team coaching

Goal: Being able to coach individual workers and managers and teams from a Gestalt relational perspective

Theme: Coaching is one of the interventions we have as leader to contribute to change and development in organisations. In this block we will focus on the Gestalt relational perspective on coaching. We will also address the difference between coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, the boundaries and overlaps.

Block 4 Handling crisis situations in organisations

Goal: Being able to support individuals and teams in dealing with crises in the organisation and possible traumatic experiences

Theme: In every organisation crises can have a huge impact on individual workers and on teams as a whole. To support workers and teams to process such situations and come out of it in an healthy way asks for courage, strength, sensitivity and skills. During this block we will focus on the concept of crisis and trauma and on the skills and attitude to be able to support oneself and others.

Block 5 Recognising and handling abusive organisations

Goal: Being able to recognise, discuss and handle abusive organisations

Theme: If people are committed to their job they can easily cross their own boundaries. In some cases employees are manipulated and their commitment is even abused with the risk of getting burned out. This happens on all levels of organisations. To recognise such situations and to bring them to the surface is not easy; ‘ringing the bell’ is not always appreciated. During this seminar we will focus on this issue and speak about how to handle such situations and how to create support for oneself.

Introducing the trainers

Gestalt trainer Frans Meulmeester
Frans Meulmeester

Frans Meulmeester (The Netherlands), program coordinator, has been working as a teacher, trainer and consultant for more than 40 years. First in education and later in Healthcare. He started his own centre for training, consultancy and therapy, called Invitation about 30 years ago and from this time he works as a Gestalt therapist, coach, consultant, trainer and supervisor.

He helped building up Gestalt training institutes in several countries like Bulgaria, Georgia and Nepal and is a Faculty member or guest trainer in many other Gestalt institutes throughout the world. He is a full member of the EAGT and EAP registered as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations in the EAGT. The base for all his activities is a combination of interest in other people, enthusiasm for the gestalt-approach and the experiences in organizations.

Yannis Angelis is a Gestalt Organizational Development (OD) practitioner and trainer, a Storytelling Strategist, and an Artist. He has worked for more than 25 years inside organizations in various OD positions. His work is informed by the principles of Gestalt Therapy, Theory U, Narrative Therapy, Warm Data, and the Art of Hosting. His background lays in Gestalt OD & Change, and Narrative Therapy & Community Work. He is a co-founding member of INTAGIO, an Association which aims to further develop the theory, methodology and practice of Gestalt in organisations as an independent and unique contribution to the communities and societies, which we serve.
Amongst others, Yannis facilitates participatory processes in physical and online spaces. He is a trainer on the pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, and technology of online spaces & meetings supporting the shift of awareness towards engagement, efficiency and wellbeing of all people involved. He is the co-author of the “Transforming Organizations” and “Beyond Storytelling”, 2 books that demonstrate how to work with narrative approaches in organizations aiming individual growth, community building and organizational transformation.

Gestalt trainer Yannis Angelis
Yannis Angelis
Gestalt trainer Ioanna Rizou
Ioanna Rizou

Ioanna Rizou is a Psychologist, Gestalt Psychotherapist and Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations based in Athens, Greece. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, she began working as a career guidance counsellor in Athens and later on as a communication manager. During that period, she started her Gestalt Psychotherapy training, as well as her MBA at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Since 2011 she has been working as a psychologist and psychotherapist guiding adults and teenagers in finding new and more effective ways to meet their needs, improve their communication and work creatively towards the life they desire.

In addition to her work in her private practice, Ioanna collaborates with businesses and international organisations, in order to train groups in the field of organisational development. Her work as a gestalt practitioner is depicted in the book “The Art of Change – Gestalt: A Different Approach for Organisations” which she co-authors with Frans Meulmeester and George Stamatis. She is a member of the Association of Greek Psychologists, the Hellenic Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy and the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy).

Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist, gestalt therapist, international trainer, supervisor and business consultant. (Specializes in organizational change, leadership & team development and business families.) Talia trusts that the Gestalt philosophy of being is an infrastructure to human connectedness, dialogic leadership, the bridging of differences and uniquely contributes to a better world. Was head of Gestalt department at Metanoia Institute in London and gained it an academic recognition as an MSc, was the academic director of an 8-year training in the Czech and Slovak republics and of a 5-year training in Greece, participated in organizational, psychotherapy and co run supervision training in several countries.

Currently she is chairperson of the Israeli Gestalt Association and its representative to the EAGT, co-chair of Jerusalem Gestalt Institute, past president of IAAGT and a past member of the Intagio EC. Edited books: ‘The Bridge –Dialogues across Cultures’, ‘Gestalt Therapy Advances in theory and practice’, 2011, From Here to Later, 2021 (attending to systems under a global crisis). Published a significant number of academic publications in books and journals. Married, a mother of two and grandmother of three.

Gestalt trainer Talia Bar Yoseph Levine
Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine
Gestalt trainer Marten Bos
Marten Bos

Marten Bos (The Netherlands) has a Master of Science degree from Middlesex University and NSG Amsterdam 2007. He is a Registered senior supervisor and teacher supervision in the Dutch Association for Supervisors and Coaches (LVSC). He is an international trainer for trainers, management and organizations, personal leadership, constellations, writing, etc. He has his own centre ‘Marten Bos – The Power of the Difference’, where he focus on Diversity policy and all kind of projects in the field of diversity and inclusive work. Marten is also active in LGBT communities and supports initiatives and network building of bi-cultural LGBT initiatives and LGBT refugees in Amsterdam.

Jarkko Rantanen, the founding partner of Emergy, will take part in each training block as a co-facilitator. Jarkko has been working for 15 years with developing emotional agency in leadership and organisations. Jarkko is a psychologist, author of several books on workplace emotions, and also a Gestalt therapist and organisational coach and consultant. 

Jarkko Rantanen

Price and venue:

5800 € / year + VAT + accommodation and meals + travel expenses.

Place: A beautiful location about 30 min drive from Helsinki center. Short taxi drive from the airport.
It is possible to stay the whole seminar on site, or you can come just for the daytime workshops (from 10 – 18).

Interested? Join our free webinar to hear more!

We are organising a free webinar on 11th May @14.00-14.45 CET, join us to hear more about the training from the program trainers and facilitators themselves!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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