Leading the emotional climate does not mean that the fundamental elements of management would be forgotten

Ira Leppänen from Emergy visited Career Launch Live with Katherine McCord. Here are Ira’s keypoints from the conversation, on the link below Ira specifically explains about emotional agency in the work context:

Leading emotional climate does not mean that the fundamental elements of management and leadership would be forgotten:

đź’ˇWe still need a shared strategy with vision and clear targets.
đź’ˇOperational excellence is still in the centre of the doing, without forgetting the continuous development of the personnel and their competences – taking into account the human factor at work.
đź’ˇThe desired change will not happen if the strategy, vision and goals do not create any emotional engagement no matter how clearly these are described on the powerpoint slides.

The emotional climate that creates thriving business is not only positive.

đź’ˇWe need to also be able to face and deal with the more negative emotions such as frustration, overwhelm and disappointment in order to reach the goals.
đź’ˇEssentially the main point is, how these negatives emotions are dealt with in a constructive way, and on the other hand, how to create the real positive energy – the authentic pride, curiosity, excitement etc.

All the emotions people feel at work, have an impact on their wellbeing and productivity.

đź’ˇIf this fact is not acknowledged, a huge amount of human potential, creativity and business possibilities are wasted.

All in all, it is essential to acknowledge that the emotions are NOT the opposite but in fact the prerequisite for rational behaviour and decision making.

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