Training for organizations to improve emotional climate and productivity

Emergy helps your company create a healthy and productive emotional climate, which translates into increased productivity, improved performance and employee well-being.

Emergy specializes in leadership and emotional climate training programs. Our programs are based on scientifically researched and effective methods. 100% of our customers recommend our programs! Emergy’s management and emotional climate training programs can be used to increase work engagement and organizational commitment, as well as to prevent employee burnout and turnover intentions.

We help identify your organization’s strengths and development areas with the help of assessments, such as the Emergy Emotional Climate Audit®, and we tailor the programs to your needs.

Examples of our training programs

Get to know our various programs with the following examples. You can also contact us, and we will tailor the program according to your needs. If necessary, we can also utilize the Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® to better understand your needs and development targets.

In addition to in-person training, we offer digital programs for well-being and emotional skills, which combine online studying, case clinics, and peer sparring, such as the Emergy Emotional Agency Program® online program.

The whole package

Do you want training for the entire organization and is sure to bring about positive change? This package is for you!

Our full program offers a flexible and easy way to develop the emotional skills of the entire staff. Participants get concrete tools for challenging situations in work-life and self-management. Through insightful and interactive training, individuals’ responsibility for the organization’s work culture and the development of people skills increases.

The effects are shown in research as better well-being, increased productivity, more successfull projects, and increased customer satisfaction.

By measuring the emotional climate before and after the training with the scientifically developed Emergy Emotional Climate Audit®, we guarantee the effectiveness of the training program.

The full program includes:

Lead the emotional climate -package

Start managing your organization’s emotional climate with programs for management teams and supervisors. Developing emotional skills leads to more effective leadership, higher quality meetings, and smoother cooperation.

You can utilize the Emergy Emotional Climate Audit® to discover your organization’s strengths and areas for development. What kind of emotions are experienced at the workplace? How engaged are people? And at what level are the emotional agency of individuals and the organization?

Emotions in work life - lecture 2h

The Emotions in work life – lecture gives participants an understanding of the effects of the emotional climate on the actions of individuals (commitment, readiness for change) both in terms of interaction and performance, as well as tips on how everyone can contribute to the emotional climate of the workplace.

The stimulating lecture provides information according to the latest research and includes examples, demonstrations and exercises.


  • What are emotions and how do they affect our performance?
  • Emotions are contagious – what is my emotional footprint?
  • What are emotional skills and why are they important?
  • Understand the forces behind the emotions – look behind the behavior
  • What is a good emotional climate like in the workplace? How can it be strengthened?
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Order a completely customized program or lecture for your organization

Feel free to contact us, and together we can plan a training package that perfectly suits your needs. We offer training both in Finnish and in English.

The training can be organized at Emergy’s office in Espoo, your company’s premises, or remotely.

You can also order lectures from us, on topics such as:

  • Emotions in work life
  • The manager as the leader of the emotional climate
  • The Anatomy of Enthusiasm
  • Emotional skills and psychological safety
  • Effective communication with emotional skills

NEW: Authentic Leadership - Transformative approach to Leadership in organizations

Program starting February 2024!

With this Authentic Leadership program you will:

  1. deepen your understanding of yourself as a leader
  2. strenghten your presence and impact as a leader
  3. improve your ability to understand and diagnose problematic situations in your organization
  4. learn new skills in dealing with organizational questions, challenges and problems
  5. boost your ability to have an authentic dialogue with your workers and colleagues
  6. increase your ability to initiate and facilitate change in your organization
  7. learn new skills to deal with power issues, conflicts and resistance in your organization
  8. become better in dealing with the diversity in your organization and with cultural differences
  9. learn to understand the Gestalt approach for leadership

Congratulations, you have now taken the first step.

The first step is awareness. You read this far because you know deep down that something has to change. You want to get out of the circle of flat performance and connect to sides of yourself that you might not have known existed. You want more meaning, gratitude, joy, and exhilarating experiences in your life. We can help you.

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